The Parish of Great Waltham is one of the largest in Essex in area, covering approximately 2,488 hectares (6,147 acres), but with only 2,100 residents is not densely populated. It consists of two villages - Great Waltham (also known as Church End), and Ford End, and four hamlets, Howe Street, Littley Green, North End and Broads Green.
The major activity is agriculture although it employs very few people these days. The majority of local workers commute to towns up to 40 miles away and to London. The M11, the A12, the A130, the A131, the A120, Stansted Airport and Chelmsford station are not far away. The parish is approximately 7km from Chelmsford.

Girlfriend of Local Resident has her car vandalised by Local Council Officers acting on reported malicious complaint from Care Worker.

While the girlfriend of a local resident was away on holiday, her car was reported to the council as an abandoned vehicle allegedly by a care worker visiting another local resident and who wanted the parking spot for themselves, as told to me by the daughter of the resident concerned.

A report was made on the 15th August 2017 that the car had been abandoned, in spite of it being a regular visitor to this street in Great Waltham. The complainant alleged the car had been left there from 1 to 6 months on the online form that was filled in which the owners say is blatantly untrue. In fact the car has been a regular visitor to the location over the last year.

The owner has now been left with the problem of how to remove the sticker, shown opposite, although the council helpfully suggested soap and how water.

This is the street in Great Waltham where the car was left, within ten feet of the drive of the owners family, legally parked, not obstructing any driveways or compromising any traffic flows. There are no parking restrictions in the street concerned and no marked parking bays.

This has left local resident asking the question how can someone be so vindictive and selfish. It begs the question also, given the frequent appearance of the car in that location, why anyone concerned didn't just knock on the owner's door.

Clearly one can see how what at best is a misunderstanding and at worst a vidictive lie can end up on "neighbours from hell".

Invited to comment a spokesman for Chelmsford City Council said:

In cases where a report is made to us we have a duty to all our residents to follow up on the report. In this case we tried to ascertain if the vehicle was registered and taxed but were unable to do so as DVLA and Local Police systems to not recognise a foreign number plate.

In this case one of our officers did knock on the door of another resident who said that the car had been there for around two months.

The purpose of the sticker left on the car is to get someone to contact us and confirm the vehicle is not abandoned.

We apologise for any distress we have caused in carrying out these actions and will be writing to the family concerned to confirm that we are closing the matter and the vehicle will no longer be treated as abandoned. The complainant will be told we will not be taking any action.

For anyone else worried that they may go on holiday and comeback to find that their car has been destroyed, we advise that provided the vehicle is registered, taxed and insured in the UK there will be no risk of it being considered abandoned.

The council also suggested that the owner of the vehicle could make a request under the freedom if information act to get the details of the complainant if they wished to take legal action for a malicious complaint.

21st August 2017